Technology Fail

So apparently in New Mexico (where I've been the last couple of days) if the hotel says they have wifi, that does not mean that they have functional wifi.  Combine that with the fact the AT&T coverage sucks, and I have been essentially incommunicado.

I'm booked at a more expensive hotel for next week down there.  Hopefully things go smoother.  I missed my interwebs.


  1. are you in an Adobe built hotel? 2 foot walls of mud and concrete will stop a wifi connection. lol....

  2. The hotel was mostly concrete. That's why I had no cell signal.

    The sad thing was, I got a good wireless connection, but the DNS server wasn't working. They were "fixing" it for two days and as far as I could tell, still hadn't figured it out when I left.

  3. maybe IDK Computers was on the job?