Concealed Confusion

Tonight I attended the monthly meeting of a local 4WD club that I'm thinking of joining.  There has been a good deal of discussion within the club recently surrounding changing their bylaws.

Before tonight their club banned firearms at all club sponsored events.  I've been told this was to combat the stereotype of guys getting liquored up, driving down a trail (and beside a trail and making their own trails), and shooting up signs and anything else.  The other reason is that the club is "family friendly".

With concealed carry becoming ever more popular, some folks took issue with the bylaws and looked to have them changed.  The online vote they conducted apparently had over 70% for changing the bylaws to allow concealed (and only concealed) carry at club events with 20% opposed.  The vote during the meeting was much the same.  From that standpoint it was a good meeting.

The disappointing thing was the amount of disinformation being passed around by both those for and those against changing the bylaws.  Some of the misconceptions/misstatements included:
  • Places where an individual with a concealed carry permit is not allowed to carry
  • The legality of drinking while carrying concealed (in Colorado drinking is legal, being intoxicated while armed is not)
  • How reciprocity with other states (Utah in particular) works
  • The legality of open carry in Colorado (with the exception of a few cities, perfectly legal in CO)
  • What brandishing a firearm is
The disappointing thing is that some of the misinformation was coming from the club's resident gun expert.  No matter the state you live in, no matter if you carry or not, if you are a gun owner you should know the laws and how they apply to you.  I first utilized the excellent local resource provided by Rocky Mountain Gun Owners.  If your state doesn't have something similar, the NRA-ILA is a good source.  When you move or travel to another state, you've got homework to do if your guns are coming with you.  Don't end up like the gun expert in the meeting, and don't end up in jail like this guy.


I was discussing Labor Day with my wife this morning and we came up with this truism.

To hell with unions...unless they want to invite me in.

I figure that covers around 90% of Americans' attitudes.


Good Excuses

If you've ever needed a good excuse to donate to an awesome cause, look no further.  Carteach has put together a fund raiser with some really nice goodies.  All proceeds go to the Wounded Warrior Project.  If you haven't yet sent some money their way, now is as good a time as any.