I made bacon french toast this morning.  If you have not yet tried it, I urge you to go cook now.  No pictures as it was gone before I even thought to dig out the camera.


Flashbacks to Fifth Grade

For some reason, this whole "let's sit together at the Sate of the Union" thing the Colorado delegation is proposing strikes me as a bit juvenile.  It reminds me of fifth grade when one of the popular girls would feel sorry for snot nose Johnny and get all of her friends to sit with him at lunch.

The thing of it is, there's a good chance that Johnny doesn't really like the popular crowd.  He'd just like to finish his lunch and go finish reading the last three chapters of his book.

Hopefully guys like Rep. Mike Coffman are like SNJ and are serious about getting back to work after lunch is over.  From Mr. Coffman via the Denver Post:
"Now that we have the seating arrangements ironed out, we can get back to the real task at hand, which is getting our economy back on the right track."


CCI Tactical

I was browsing the latest Cabela's catalog this evening and learned something new.  Apparently it is possible to have tactical .22lr ammunition.  I'm hoping it is all black and comes with lots of pockets.


Not So International Expo

I was thinking about spending $30 and taking my family to the International Sportsmen's Expo.  Then I realized that I'd spend most of my time oogling things I'd never own or really need.

Instead, I ended up taking the family a little further down the road to Golden Gate Canyon State Park.  Seventy dollars per year gets me into every state park in Colorado.  I got to show my son tracks made by various animals and spend time with my family in the Colorado Rockies.

I think I made the better choice and got the better deal, even if we didn't bring home rabbit for dinner.


Tron: Legacy

Jeff Bridges fights computer Jeff Bridges, on a bridge man.  On a bridge!


From the Mouth of Babes

My son just asked me if I have any friends in New Mexico.  I responded in the affirmative.

"They should move."