Fees On Top of Taxes On Top of Taxes

Colorado Governor Bill Ritter is not running for reelection.  That allows him to propose stupid crap like this.

A $10.50 fee on every background check for a gun purchase.  Estimates are that this would give the state of  Colorado an additional $1.6 million next year.  So every gun purchase, I pay local and state sales tax.  If I buy it at Dick's Sporting Goods I also get to pay a retail improvement fee, because the developer that built the mall worked a deal with the city to allow taxes on goods sold to pay for road improvements when building the place.

But apparently those taxes aren't enough to pay for a background check, plus all the other stupid crap state politicians want to spend it on.  The only way I would even be remotely in favor of this is if CCW holders were exempt from the background check, and even then.

The road to smaller government is paved with fees.

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