Roadless = Jobless

Having come from the oil and gas industry, I was well aware of the potential problems for that industry with the Roadless Rule.

I was not aware, however that it had the potential to close down coal mines.  Colorado coal is among the cleanest in the West, with low sulfur and ash content.  Colorado coal is also the most likely to be impacted by the roadless rule.  Over at the Denver Post, Steve Baker has the quote that sums it all up.

Baker, 50, recalled how government invocation of eminent domain in the 1970s uprooted his father, a cattleman southwest of Denver. The family moved.
Baker found work as a logger, until federal restrictions kicked in. He turned to mining.
"I lost one profession. I see it coming for this one," Baker said.
"What are these 'green jobs' going to be? Monitoring our locked-up areas? Standing in little guard shacks so nobody drives through?"
If they keep shutting down coal mining, how will we run our coal powered cars?

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