No Kidding

Dear Colorado Government,

I'd like you to see what my shocked face looks like after hearing that you've been forced to scale back Medicaid coverage after grossly underestimating the costs.

Get used to this face as you'll likely be seeing it a lot when 2014 rolls around and Obamacare kicks in.

A Horse Thief


Camp Hale Weekend

I spent this weekend down near Camp Hale.  Camp Hale was a training location for the 10th Mountain Division during 1940's.  It is amazing country with spectacular views.

While there we got on some back country roads and found some mushrooms and some of these:

I also stumbled across some metal discs.

Upon closer inspection these appear to be the metal caps that went on the fiber tubes containing a 75mm shell and hand grenades respectively.  Pretty cool to stumble across a small piece of WWII history right here in Colorado.


Maybe He Wore Dark Desert

Gadhafi gathered up his special forces and SWAT teams and made a tactical retreat. Everything these days is tactical.


More Reality Gun Shop

I learned that Red Jacket will soon have some competition in the reality Gun Shop arena.  A local to me establishment, Gunsmoke, has apparently been filming for their very own reality series.  I've taken a gun or two over there to be worked on, and every time they've done a good job for a reasonable price.  I hope Discovery shows them in a good light.


Econ 101 Must Have Been Harder Than I Remember

Reading the comments on several of the S&P downgrade stories has me shaking my head and checking my store of colander and cement helmets.