It's Not The Degree, It's The Person

So over at the Denver Post is an article that touches on something that has bothered me for a long time.

There are so many folks out there that truly believe that you've got to go to college to be successful and find a good job.  They may be well intentioned, but they often deserve a well intentioned kick in the ass.  There's an easy way to determine if a person should go to college.  It looks like this:

Do you need a college degree to get the job you want?
If not, go get a job.  If yes then go to college, unless...

Is there demand for the job you want?  Will you be able to get a job in your desired field?
If not, go get a job.  If yes then go to college, unless...

Will you be able to pay back the required student loans with the pay from your chosen career?
If not, go find a cheaper (in state) school or go get a job.  If yes then go to college.

Also consider, that just because you like taking apart old cars does not mean you should be an engineer.  It doesn't mean you shouldn't but you might more enjoy being a welder or a mechanic.  Find out about the job you think you might want.  Talk to people.  We really aren't as scary as you think.  Take advantage of job shadowing.  Go see what an engineer or manager or doctor really does before deciding to spend years of your life and thousands of dollars to be trained in a job you really don't want.

While we're on the subject of years and thousands of dollars, I really cannot advocate spending years and thousands of dollars on art training or musical training unless you want to be either an art or music teacher in the public education system.  Even then, most of your training should be education centric.  Taking art classes makes sense, getting a BA in music...not so much.  Art History majors, I'm not even touching your degree with a 10' pole.


    unfortunatly employers dont give alot of people a shot without a BA, hell my wife is a DBA with a BA in Equine Management (yes, thats horse care) from UK...

    even as a Solidworks 'power user' I can't get a better job because I dont have a BA, I only have an Associates, sit me down beside someone with 2 more years of school instead of 2 years of work experience and I'll show you how stupid it is to hire a BA than an Associates in my situation....

  2. Buff hit the nail on the head, alot of professions require a Bachelors' yet I too only hold an associates. My location is terrible pay for the most part. I do ok, and I make more money than most people here who hold a 4 year degree, some even have a masters and are working for only $30-$40K a year.
    Work experience is where it's at.

  3. The advantage of having an associates and experience is that if you get a BA from the University of Sit At Home In Your P.J.s at a later date, it becomes a positive.

    If you have a degree from UPJ and no work experience, you'll likely get really good at saying, "Medium, large, or extra large on that value meal?"