Training Quandry

I'm planning on buying a M&P15-22, setting it up with a bipod, and putting my 6 year old son behind it to start learning to shoot in earnest.  I am currently waffling on the subject of a sighting system.

When I learned to shoot rifle, I learned on an old .22 bolt action with open sights.  I think it can be a great way to make the subject of alignment of the shooter, barrel, and target a concrete concept.  On the other hand, putting a red dot on the rifle would make it easier for a new shooter to put holes where they want.  That could ease potential frustrations and make learning to shoot more fun.

What say you internets?


Gun Laws Are Easy

Jay has a post up on the infamous "gun charges".

While I think he has a point, I also think that those arrested could have been just as easily charged with EPA violations or child endangerment or plotting to do bad stuff.  The problem is that there is a law for virtually everything.  If the police or ATF or FBI or whoever decides that they need to arrest you, they can always find something to charge you with.  Firearms laws are just low hanging fruit.



Robb wonders if America is ready to go off-roading in its GM produced electric bankrupcymobile.

A Big Thank You

At the beginning of every day at work, I sit in a room with about 20 other guys and we discuss a safety topic before actually getting to work.  The topic on the last day of the week is always the same.  Keep your mind on your task.  Don't start daydreaming about going home and end up injured.  I like to think I do a pretty good job of this.

My problem this last week was that once I headed for home I took my mind off of the job in front of me, namely driving.  Thanks to daylight savings time, when I started my trip it was nice and bright outside.  By the time I got a few more than several miles down the road though it was starting to get dark.  That was when Officer Woodam saw me and escorted me to the side of the road to inform me that a steel blue truck kinda disappears in the dusk when said blue truck does not have its lights on.

I thanked officer Woodam, but I'm not sure she believed me.  So once again, a big thank you to someone who, by just doing their job, kept me safe and let me get home to my family in one piece.


Last week when I went to the range I took one of my work buddies along.  My main goals for the range trip were to pattern out my shotgun (turkey season is just around the corner) and reacquaint myself with my rifle.  Both of those missions were accomplished.  What I didn't expect was to pick up a strong case of  I Want.

You see my buddy has a Model 1917 rifle with ghost ring sights.  He was kind enough to let me touch off a few rounds.  I do believe that there is very little that is more satisfying than picking up an unfamiliar rifle with open sights, bringing it to your shoulder, and hearing the ringing of steel at 100 and 200 yards.  Now I just have to figure a way to fit another new rifle into the budget.

The other unexpected was the conversation my buddy and I had while we were packing up.  He has never owned a handgun before and was asking me what the process to buy one involved.  It continues to amaze me how many people that have a passing interest in guns have no knowledge of the laws surrounding them.  Yes, you really can walk into a gun store, pick out a new handgun and in less than 30 minutes walk out the door.  Him being a Colorado resident however, he will have to drive at least 3 hours north in order to have the transaction take place.  Now I just have to plan an outing where he can shoot every handgun I own and maybe a few more to help him figure out what might suit him.  All in all, not a bad day at the range.


The Makings of a Good Evening

From bottom to top:
  • Propel bullets towards steel targets at ranges of 100 and 200 yards at high velocity.  Listen for characteristic "ping" sound.
  • Light up good cigar and enjoy
  • Pour glass of Colorado made whiskey and sip slowly

Good Luck Mr. Suthers

So the Colorado A.G. is joining other states in filing suit against our soon to be signed health care behemoth.  They are attacking with the 10th amendment / interstate commerce argument.  Much like the various firearms freedom acts, I believe this is a waste of time.

The Congress long ago wiped their collective asses with the 10th amendment and by the time they were done it was so covered in excrement that the Supreme Court wouldn't touch it with a 10 foot pole.  If a case ever won on a 10th amendment argument, it would necessarily result in the invalidating of about 3/4 of the laws passed in the last 100 years.

Good Luck to all the various states' A.G.'s.  You're gonna need it.


Snow Protip

Don't ever stand under the spot where the roof sheds snow.  This goes double when trying to clean snow off of said roof.  You could end up injured or dead.


Don't Call It a Comeback

For the first time since I've been down in New Mexico working, I made it out to the range.  After an hour of orientation and a very reasonable fee, I went down to the pistol pits and made some steel ring.

This was my first time shooting steel with anything bigger than a 22.  Below are a few observations:
  •  A big, slow 45 cares less where it hits the steel.  There was only one time where I hit the steel plate and it failed to go down with the 45.
  • With a smaller faster 9mm, hitting the top of the plate became essential
  • Hitting steel with a Para GI Expert (full size 1911) is a lot easier than with a Kel-Tek P-11 (9mm with a 3.1" barrel)
  • Hitting steel with a P-11 is a lot easier when one remembers that it has a DA trigger and adjusts accordingly
  • When wearing gloves the trigger finger has to travel further forward in order for the trigger to reset
I also discovered a hidden bonus to shooting in Los Alamos.  The scenery is amazing.

First Day of Spring

This is what the first day of spring looks like in Northern New Mexico.

At my house in Denver I hear they have about a foot.  Welcome to springtime in the Rockies.


Best Recorded Voice Ever

After driving in near white out conditions while worrying about your son who is in the hospital for an asthma flare up (he's fine and they got out last night) on the day where an hour mysteriously disappears, the best two words ever are


Thank you global warming, you're the best ever.


Did Your Momma Drop You?

Dear Luke Bryan,

Drinkin' Beer (in moderation), nothing wrong with that.
Hunting Deer (safely, while obeying the 4 rules), an amazing experience
Wasting Bullets (once again in a safe manner), tons of fun


None of these activities go well together.  Drinking beer is a great way to relax and blow off some steam.  It is done after the guns are put away, not before handling a gun and not while handling a gun.

When deer hunting, my goal is to use one cartridge making a clean quick kill.  That's not always the way it happens, but the surest way to never see a deer is to take potshots at aluminum cans.  Deer, like most things, do not come running towards the sound of gunfire.

When wasting bullets, the proper venue is a range or piece of land with a good backstop.  Also, it is considered polite to not waste bullets out in the forest during hunting season.  See the above regarding the typical direction deer travel when they hear gunfire.

With that all laid out I have to pose the question to Mr. Luke Bryan.  WTF dude?


Guns in K-Bobs

New Mexico Governor Bill Richardson signed into law a bill allowing guns into some restaurants that serve wine and beer.

Yay, I guess.  Now instead of worrying about carrying into a place that sells beer, I only have to worry about places that sell whiskey or places that sell too much beer and not enough food.

I still submit that the Colorado method of making carrying while intoxicated against the law is the better method.  Just because I'm going down to get dinner at the local restaurant that happens to also have a grocery store and a bar and a liquor store all under one roof does not mean that I am going to drink.  Why is it that so many "common sense" gun laws are so difficult to figure out?


Right To Feel Safe

I followed a link from SayUncle yesterday and landed on an interesting thread over at utahconcealedcarry.com.  A college student at UVU, who started the thread, was getting hassled by the police for following the law, as often happens when open carrying.  The interesting thing to me was the video of the incident.

At about the 4:55 mark the LEO talks about the enumerated right to feel safe.  I keep hearing about this right to feel safe.  I've poured over the Constitution and various other historical documents and still haven't found where our founding fathers expounded on this right.

It seems to me that the right to feel safe movement is fairly recent.  It was discussed over at The Smallest Minority back in '07 after the VT massacre.  I have heard it uttered as far back as 5 years ago, so I'm sure it started before that, but what were the roots of this thinking?  Where did the idea that there is a fundamental right to feel safe come from?  Looking around the net, it obviously isn't just an American fad.  A Google search leads to pages from the UK, Australia, and the Institute of Islamic Understanding Malaysia.

The bigger question though is what the people pushing this idea of a right to feel a certain way believe it will accomplish.  Am I safe simply because I feel safe?  The answer is obviously no.  How often does the victim of violent crime utter something along the lines of, "I don't feel safe anymore"?

Feeling safe can even, in some instances leave a person less safe.  Feeling safe can lead some people to taking unnecessary risks or being less proactive in maintaining their safety.  Don't fall for the trap of feeling safe.  Maintain your guard and remain careful and thoughtful in all you do.  If it is home security or climbing that ladder, feeling safe will never replace taking the proper precautions to remain safe.


Remain Aware and Always Carry

The reason I started carrying is that I realized that I was responsible for the safety of my family.  If I didn't do everything I could to keep the ones I love safe, I could never live with myself.

Just because you are out for a nice walk with the family does not mean you can let your guard down.  Remember, there are people out there that "freak out".  Remain aware of your surroundings and always carry (as long as you aren't working on a government site and like your job).


SciFi Goodness

Marko Kloos (aka Major Caudill, aka The Munchkin Wrangler) offers up a tasty bit of science fiction short storyness at no cost to you.  If that sort of thing is your cup of tea, I strongly suggest you go and check it out.


Bike Riding Tax

Colorado has been kicking around a "sugar tax" lately to close their budget gap.  In honor of Colorado Governor Bill Ritter, I am proposing a bicycle riding tax.  It turns out that too much bike riding can be hazardous to your health.

Anyone wishing to ride their bike while wearing goofy skin tight bicycle shirts and shorts would be required to be licensed and pay a fee.  Those wishing to wear a singlet while riding would pay a higher fee.  If you want to ride in a group of three or more you would need an additional group biking stamp.

These restrictions are needed to prevent breaking 5 or more ribs and should not have a large effect on people's bike riding habits.  These are much needed reasonable restrictions.