A Common Theme?

I got done reading Linoge's excellent post on logical fallacies presented as arguments for gun control.  It sounded strangely familiar to another argument I had heard repeated over and over, but had seen little evidence for.  You see scientists and the World agree that global warming is caused by dirty evil humans.

Since everyone knows that global warming is real and kills, we have to do something.  Invariably "do something" means passing laws that make the honest person's life more difficult while rewarding the rich and the criminal.

Maybe that's why so many of the gunnies I know remain unconvinced on the subject of global warming.  We've seen this scheme before, and we weren't fooled the first time.


I Must Be One Of Them There Fudds

I was reading the comments to Sebastian's post on the doomage of hunting (I agree with a lot that he says, but feel that access will have more to do with the decline of hunting than hunters shooting each other in the foot).  At some point the comments moved to Fudd bashing.  The popular sport of making fun of hunters who only own a rifle or shotgun and only use it to take game.

Looking at the stack of mail I brought in, I got concerned.  The top two items were a Cabela's catalog and the November issue of Field & Stream.  Oh crap!  Maybe I'm part Fudd.  After all, I got into shooting through hunting.  I learned to shoot primarily by using prairie dogs as targets for my .22.  From there I graduated to rabbits, and then deer, elk, and turkey.

Where I grew up a gun was truly seen as a simple tool.  No different than a hammer or saw or tape.  A gun's function was varmit removal and dinner collector.  It wasn't until I had a family that the utility of a gun expanded to include protection of loved ones.  It shouldn't come as much of a surprise that I think the derogatory use of the term Fudd is moronic.  Typically, convincing people to join in supporting your chosen cause does not involve demeaning them.

There are plenty of people that own one handgun that they store at their bedside, "just in case."  They don't take it out to the range for practice and only clean it once in a blue moon.  For those people, it is just a tool, like a hammer only to be pulled out of the toolbox when a nail needs beaten down.  There are other people who want to know everything there is to know about their gun.  They want to master its use and typically own different guns for different occasions and some just because they are cool.  These folks are comparable to a master fabricator who owns multiple hammers of multiple weights and materials and uses them for much more than that troublesome nail on the stairs.  Not everyone is passionate about hammers.

Many hunters are the same way.  A rifle or shotgun is no different or more significant to these hunters than a new pack or rangefinder or call. It is just one of the many things needed in the field in order to take game.  The best way to get these hunters to support gun rights for all is education, not name calling.  Hunters have been told for decades that politicians aren't out to take their hunting rifles.  The uneducated ones believed this.  Once a hunter becomes educated on the subject, they often become more involved in supporting the rights of all gun owners.

For all the bitching about these evil good for nothing Fudds, I have yet to actually meet one.  Maybe it has to do with where I live, but virtually every truck that has an elk or duck or deer sticker on the back window has an NRA sticker there too.  Many hunters are shooters and CCW holders.

Maybe next time you see an honest to goodness Fudd out in the wild, instead of directing your scorn their way you can direct them to take a seat behind your evil black rifle.  Chances are good that after squeezing off a few rounds and having a friendly chat the Fudd will have disappeared.


Mr. Major, Meet Mr. Minor

Colorado state law being crafted by politicians what it is.  The Republican party currently stands a good chance of being relegated to minor party status for the next four years.  Conservative minded voters in this state don't want the Western Mayor Against all Illegal Guns Denverite Hickenlooper running the show statewide.  That means either voting for an inexperienced liar or Tom Tancredo.  Increasingly, it looks like Tancredo will be the one of the two who stands a chance of defeating Hick.

I have to admit that I would enjoy seeing the Republican candidate Maes get less than 10% of the vote.  The Republican party in this state truly lives up to the Stupid Party moniker.  The choices they gave primary voters were an experienced guy that no one really supported and an unknown that talked a good game.  It wasn't until after the primary race that more of the info about Maes' unsuitability to lead came to light.  Seeing the party that can't even produce a viable candidate for Governor relegated to minority party status would make me smile.

The problem is that they would not truly be a minority party and as GOP Chairman Dick Wadams has stated, they would simply try to change the law to again force a two party (donkeys and elephants only) system down our throats.  Maybe the Ds would get in the way and the American Constitution Party can replace the stupid party.  More likely it'll make for some entertainment to much popcorn to.


Things That Don't Need Laundered

After yesterday, I have some new things to add to my don't stick in the laundry list. The list already includes cash, receipts, lip balm, crayons, sunscreen, and a cell phone (it got noticed before the water got too high).  My new additions look like this:

The Wilson mag should be fine, but due to paranoia the dollar a round Hornady ammo will be regulated to range use.


Free Market At Work

I've had more than several jobs and more than several insurance companies.  There have been good ones, bad ones, and some that were simply serviceable.  Aetna was one that I really liked.  Unfortunately for Colorado's small businesses, they are no longer an option.

New laws and regulations have made it unattractive for a good company to provide their service in this state.  Colorado officials assume that the free market will work and other companies will step in to fill the void.  They obviously don't understand how the free market works.  Less competition generally leads to higher prices and fewer options.  Hurray for the new regulations and the "free market".