Look, You Can't Win On This One...

So some misguided souls decided that to celebrate MLK day they would serve southern style chicken and collard greens in the public schools.  As expected, it's, "an offensive caricature of black culture."

At some point folks trying to do "something special" are going to realize that every attempt like this will be labeled racist and they will stop trying.  It's lunch for crying out loud.  I happen to like fried chicken and collard greens, no matter what the day.


  1. God forbid I should put "white pride" on my shirt or start WET (White Entertainment Television), maybe Caucasion Business Owners Magazine? Those would also consider us mean rude racists....anything to throw the race stick, they definitely do.

  2. I thought they were serving southern food because MLK was from the south?

    You can't get good greens here in Indy, dammit.