Coincidence, I Think Not

So I was sitting at the dinner table tonight.  I'm heading south in a couple of days and wanted to know how that part of the country looked weather wise.  My brother and his wife live down in the southwest corner of Colorado (next door to the house I grew up in) and he told me they were getting feet of snow.

I had the news on in the background on the TV behind me.  Typically I never watch the news because I can't take so much cheer and joy.  So as I am sitting there snacking on a cream cheese filled wonton and Ed Greene, the local weather man on one of our 4 news stations in Denver says,
"A viewer sent in a picture of the snow in southwest Colorado.  You can see how high the snow is on the street sign.  There's East St. and East Ct."
At this point I almost choked on my wonton and spun around to watch the TV.  There on the moving picture box that I rarely watch was the intersection of my childhood.  I grew up on that snow filled corner.  My sister-in-law had taken the picture earlier in the day and my brother urged her to submit it to the news station so they would put it up on their website.  They never expected it would get on the news.

The sad thing is, they live in southwest Colorado.  That part of Colorado, for no good reason, is in the New Mexico media market.  That means by law they cannot get the news station that put my sister-in-law's picture on the air.  The upside is that they get to hear about the nightly murders in Albuquerque.

I've got to say, there was something especially cool about seeing the sleepy little corner of the sleepy little town where I grew up on the news, even if it was just to show the pile of snow.

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