Right To Feel Safe

I followed a link from SayUncle yesterday and landed on an interesting thread over at utahconcealedcarry.com.  A college student at UVU, who started the thread, was getting hassled by the police for following the law, as often happens when open carrying.  The interesting thing to me was the video of the incident.

At about the 4:55 mark the LEO talks about the enumerated right to feel safe.  I keep hearing about this right to feel safe.  I've poured over the Constitution and various other historical documents and still haven't found where our founding fathers expounded on this right.

It seems to me that the right to feel safe movement is fairly recent.  It was discussed over at The Smallest Minority back in '07 after the VT massacre.  I have heard it uttered as far back as 5 years ago, so I'm sure it started before that, but what were the roots of this thinking?  Where did the idea that there is a fundamental right to feel safe come from?  Looking around the net, it obviously isn't just an American fad.  A Google search leads to pages from the UK, Australia, and the Institute of Islamic Understanding Malaysia.

The bigger question though is what the people pushing this idea of a right to feel a certain way believe it will accomplish.  Am I safe simply because I feel safe?  The answer is obviously no.  How often does the victim of violent crime utter something along the lines of, "I don't feel safe anymore"?

Feeling safe can even, in some instances leave a person less safe.  Feeling safe can lead some people to taking unnecessary risks or being less proactive in maintaining their safety.  Don't fall for the trap of feeling safe.  Maintain your guard and remain careful and thoughtful in all you do.  If it is home security or climbing that ladder, feeling safe will never replace taking the proper precautions to remain safe.

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