A Big Thank You

At the beginning of every day at work, I sit in a room with about 20 other guys and we discuss a safety topic before actually getting to work.  The topic on the last day of the week is always the same.  Keep your mind on your task.  Don't start daydreaming about going home and end up injured.  I like to think I do a pretty good job of this.

My problem this last week was that once I headed for home I took my mind off of the job in front of me, namely driving.  Thanks to daylight savings time, when I started my trip it was nice and bright outside.  By the time I got a few more than several miles down the road though it was starting to get dark.  That was when Officer Woodam saw me and escorted me to the side of the road to inform me that a steel blue truck kinda disappears in the dusk when said blue truck does not have its lights on.

I thanked officer Woodam, but I'm not sure she believed me.  So once again, a big thank you to someone who, by just doing their job, kept me safe and let me get home to my family in one piece.

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