Did Your Momma Drop You?

Dear Luke Bryan,

Drinkin' Beer (in moderation), nothing wrong with that.
Hunting Deer (safely, while obeying the 4 rules), an amazing experience
Wasting Bullets (once again in a safe manner), tons of fun


None of these activities go well together.  Drinking beer is a great way to relax and blow off some steam.  It is done after the guns are put away, not before handling a gun and not while handling a gun.

When deer hunting, my goal is to use one cartridge making a clean quick kill.  That's not always the way it happens, but the surest way to never see a deer is to take potshots at aluminum cans.  Deer, like most things, do not come running towards the sound of gunfire.

When wasting bullets, the proper venue is a range or piece of land with a good backstop.  Also, it is considered polite to not waste bullets out in the forest during hunting season.  See the above regarding the typical direction deer travel when they hear gunfire.

With that all laid out I have to pose the question to Mr. Luke Bryan.  WTF dude?

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