Don't Call It a Comeback

For the first time since I've been down in New Mexico working, I made it out to the range.  After an hour of orientation and a very reasonable fee, I went down to the pistol pits and made some steel ring.

This was my first time shooting steel with anything bigger than a 22.  Below are a few observations:
  •  A big, slow 45 cares less where it hits the steel.  There was only one time where I hit the steel plate and it failed to go down with the 45.
  • With a smaller faster 9mm, hitting the top of the plate became essential
  • Hitting steel with a Para GI Expert (full size 1911) is a lot easier than with a Kel-Tek P-11 (9mm with a 3.1" barrel)
  • Hitting steel with a P-11 is a lot easier when one remembers that it has a DA trigger and adjusts accordingly
  • When wearing gloves the trigger finger has to travel further forward in order for the trigger to reset
I also discovered a hidden bonus to shooting in Los Alamos.  The scenery is amazing.

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