Why I Dig Mornings

My mornings used to be an early affair.  Wake up before the sunrise, make coffee, stare at the wall for 10 minutes or so, and then off to work.  As time has gone by my mornings have metamorphosized into something else.

It started shortly after my oldest was born.  My time for staring at the wall was now spent helping my wife get a baby ready for daycare.  Then the second boy came along and I was now getting a toddler and a baby ready for daycare before I rushed off for work.

This year is different.  My oldest is in kindergarten now, and kindergarten does not start until well after the sun is in the sky.  My mornings now involve making and sitting down for breakfast with my boys as we watch their mom rush off to work.  After breakfast we get out of pajamas and get dressed, brush teeth, play, argue, and get bundled up to head out the door.  The youngest still goes to daycare and gets dropped off first.  Every morning I get to see how excited his friends are to see him.  Every morning I get to experience some new manifestation of his growing up.

After I get the young one dropped off, the old one and I head off to the school.  We are always early (I absolutely hate being late), usually by at least 10 minutes.  These ten minutes are the best part of my day.  For ten uninterrupted minutes, we play I Spy.  Some of you may be saying, "So.  I don't get it."  If you don't understand then you have missed the point.   We play I Spy.

It always seems to work out that kids always end up either "mama's boys" or "daddy's little girl" (or vice versa).  Mine are definitely Mama's boys, and that's okay.  What is does mean though is that those 10 minutes in the morning are very special to me.  That is our time together with no distractions.  We teach each other, challenge each other, and laugh a lot.

Parents, find ways to spend just 10 minutes alone with each of your children and you may find your own special time.

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