Not Propaganda

Sometime back I was contacted by someone at Carbon Nation.  They are putting together a wonderful work of art and were wondering if they could use a picture of some lodgepole pine trees killed by pine beatles that I had taken up near Steamboat Springs, Colorado.

I visited their site and checked out the four minute trailer.  If AGW propaganda pieces are your thing go check it out.  If you don't have 4 minutes of your life to waste, I would still encourage you to watch the last 40 seconds.  This is truly how some of these folks think.  Scary.

I replied back to the original inquiry to using my picture in the negative, saying that I do not support propaganda of this sort.  Apparently, as I have now been informed, no one they have talked to believes that this video is propaganda.  Maybe I'm wrong.  Take a look and see for yourself.

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