In the Aftermath

Jay G over at MArooned has an excellent post up on what it means to have a CCW.  Says Jay,

There is only one thing I would add to his comments.  Towards the end he mentions what to say to police in the aftermath of a self defense shooting.
You need to know what to say in the event you are ever forced to use your firearm in the defense of your life (hint: "I would like to speak with my attorney". END).
While I would agree that in most instances this is a perfectly valid response, and well within your rights to say there are two issues I have with this.  It doesn't necessarily start you out on the best foot with the investigating officers, who may or may not be understanding of your situation.  Also, adrenaline can do some strange things to a person.  As LawDog has mentioned previously.
Your mind will have played tricks on you -- sounds will have gone squirrelly; time will have done wierd things.
You may not be able to keep your mouth shut.  I would personally follow LawDog's advice and consult with your attorney prior to any need to speak with the police.  Find out what your attorney feels would be in your best interest to do for your location and specific situation.  If you don't, and find yourself unable to sit down, shut up, and wait for your attorney, you might just end up saying something you would later regret.

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