Not Concerned...

So I was cleaning my 1911 pattern firearm the other night.  I took the barrel out of the slide and wiped it down, but there were these two lines around the lugs that wouldn't come off.  I don't remember them being there.  Upon closer inspection (running my knife point over them) they appeared to be cracks.  I sent these pictures to the manufacturer...


Who informed me that he thought they were machining marks, but told me to send it in if I wasn't happy.  I am still not convinced that they are machine marks, but I don't want to send it back to the manufacturer for repair of a purely cosmetic issue.  On the other hand I have seen pictures of guns that have blown up and would prefer if my handgun remained in the non-blown-up state for as long as possible.

Any thoughts, opinions, or name calling welcome.


  1. Off the top of my head, I don't think any of mine have them. How much is your peace of mind worth? If you're worried, send it in.

  2. I checked the handiest 1911, a Kimber without a lot of rounds through it, and it has a similiar mark on one side that really does seem to be a machining mark. For whatever that's worth.

  3. I think I'll take it to my local custom 1911 guru and see what he says, but I'm starting to feel better about it.