Supporting The Students

It seems that the Republican Colorado State senators, unlike the CSU Board of Governors is listening to the will of the people.

Brophy — assistant minority leader — says he is working on a bill that would essentially nullify the proposed ban at CSU. Also, any CSU Board of Governors up for reappointment next year will not be getting his vote.
Here is a politician that, at least on this issue, gets it.  The students at CSU overwhelmingly voted to not fix what isn't broken and continue to allow concealed carry on campus.  The CSU Board of Governors decided that they knew better and moved to disallow concealed carry and force those with a permit to store their weapons in their cars and available for theft.  Senator Brophy wisely notes that the way to fix this issue is to vote out the members of the CSU Board of Governors who do not trust adults who have passed a background check to behave appropriately.

In order to keep our rights we must always remind politicians at every level that we are keeping score.

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