My Problem With The Illegal Immigrant Issue

SayUncle sums up my position on illegal immigration in 9 words.

I've known some really wonderful people who are in the country illegally.  That being said they broke laws when entering the country.  Does that automatically make them bad people?  Not much different than the people going 90 mph in a 30 mph zone.

My problem with the issue is that most folks look at side issues like medical treatment, nonpayment of taxes, taking American jobs, effects on the education system, and other gripes.  The real issue is that immigrating to this country legally is expensive and a huge pain in the arse.  In my opinion, getting into this country legally should be a lot easier.

That comes with more than a few caveats of course, but if they are in the country legally they can start paying taxes on the work they do.  If they are in the country legally, they can face actual consequences for breaking the laws of the land.  If getting in legally isn't a huge issue, the whole family could come live in this country and earnings would not simply be sent home to the family left behind.

Illegals are people too, but they damn sure broke the law to get here.

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