Marco ... Gobble Gobble Gobble

I spent part of the night today getting ready for Turkey hunting this weekend.  It is quite possibly the best version of Marco Polo I have ever played.  The season opened last weekend, but I decided that the weather was way too nice for hunting.  This weekend is much better with a 50% chance of rain, possible freezing temperatures in the morning, and likely little sunshine and even less warmth.

Here is what I will have with me when I go searching for Tom.

From top center and going clockwise:
  • Camo hat with built in face and neck covering (kinda like a balaclava, but with a bill)
  • Turkey vest to hold all my calls, plus water and other random junk
  • Binoculars used chiefly to spot turkey rocks and turkey stumps
  • Patterned turkey target used in the morning to remind me what my shotgun does at 40 yards to a turkey's head
  • Federal 2-3/4" Magnum #5 turkey shells.  It's what my shotgun likes to eat.
  • Two 00 buckshot loads for any hungry bears or coyotes (just in case)
  • Stoeger 12 GA, over/under shot gun with two turkey chokes
  • Camo shirt, pants, and jacket
  • Various calls (pot & peg, mouth, and box calls)
  • Montana hen decoy, flat and light and still fools turkeys
All the way on the bottom is my ParaUSA GI Expert.  It is a 1911 in .45.  It is there in the event that some outside entity causes turkey hunting to go Tango Uniform.  In a situation like that, two guns are always better than one.

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