Delicious Alterior Motives

I've been looking for an inexpensive case tumbler.  I can't see spending between $50 and $85 plus shipping and handling to make my brass purdy.  I have heard more than one person say that they use an old ice cream maker with good results.

With that in mind I went to look for a new shiny ice cream maker to replace my old one (soon to be repurposed as a super-duper brass cleaning device).  I found a reconditioned ice cream maker at Best Buy of all places for under $40.

The results were easy and delicious.  For anyone still making ice cream using the old ice and salt method, I would recommend switching to the new fangled prefrozen bucket post haste.  The results look like this:

In case you're wondering my new, not so shiny, brass tumbler is hard at work and doing a great job.

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