Gun Blogger Glossary

  • APPLESEED - A program designed to teach shooters to become riflemen, complete with a history lesson.  More info here.
  • AR - Short for ArmaLite, typically referring to the AR-15 pattern rifle, the most popular of the EBRs
  • ARSENAL - Any number of weapons higher than one according to the MSM
  • ASSAULT WEAPON - A weapon that defies definition because there is no such thing.  See also "Shoulder Thing That Goes Up"
  • ATF - See "BATFE"
  • BACON - Meat of the gods
  • BATFE - Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives
  • BATFEIEIO - Kenneth Melson had a farm BATFEIEIO.  And on that farm he had some Airsoft rifles BATFEIEIO.
  • BECAUSE YOU SUCK AND WE HATE YOU - Heckler & Koch (HK) worked hard on their marketing slogan.
  • BIANCHI - The NRA's Action Shooting tournament
  • BLOOMBERG - Mayor of New York and an ardent gun rights denier.  He has shown in the past that he is not above having his men break the law in order to deprive others of their Second Amendment rights.
  • BRADY - Most often refers to the Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence
  • CCL - Concealed carry license
  • CCW - Carry concealed weapon
  • CLIP - NOT A MAGAZINE!  This is a clip.

  • COWBOY ACTION SHOOTING - Where grown men and women play dress up and then sling lead at steel targets like Wyatt Earp did to the Clanton's at the O.K. Corral.
  • EBR - Evil Black Rifle.  See: "Tactical", "Shoulder Thing That Goes Up"
  • FORD EARTHFUCKER - Every Gun Nut's dream vehicle...or something
  • GAMER - Someone who participates in shooting competitions to the possible detriment of their self-defense shooting skills
  • GAMERFAG - A "Gamer" who has "turned it up to 11"
  • GUN FREE ZONE - More properly termed a Second Amendment rights denial zone.  Also a good place for car thieves to go gun shopping.
  • GUN PORN - Pictures of guns (almost always zero pretty ladies present in said pictures)
  • HELLER - Most frequently referring to the Supreme Court case of District of Columbia v. Heller.  Also Dick Heller the lead plaintiff in the case.
  • HSUS - Humane Society of The US.  They are not humane.  They are also one of the biggest threats to hunting and gun ownership in the country.
  • IDPA - International Defensive Pistol Association, one of the "practical" shooting sports organizations
  • INSTEAD OF DOING SOMETHING - This is what most politicians do on a daily basis
  • JEWS IN THE ATTIC - A test for potentially corrupt laws invented by Joe Huffman
  • JMB - John Moses Browning, inventor of every cool gun you've ever shot (probably)
  • JMB, PBUH - John Moses Browning, Peace Be Upon Him
  • LOOPHOLE - Something legal that some people feel should not be.  See the Gun Show Loophole for a good example
  • LOST & STOLEN - A requirement in some cities to report within 24 hours that a firearm has been lost or stolen.  See "Instead of Doing Something"
  • MAGAZINE - Anything that isn't a clip.
  • MAIG - Mayors Against Illegal Guns.  Most mayors that are members don't realize that the name should be Mayors Against All Guns Everywhere.
  • MAKE SARAH BRADY CRY - Doing anything that the Brady Campaign would disapprove of.  Such as having fun.
  • MICROSTAMPING - A completely useless technology designed to be used as a backdoor gun ban.
  • NRA - The National Rifle Association
  • NRA-ILA - The lobbying arm of the NRA
  • OC - Open carry.  To carry a firearm in the open for all to see (typically holstered on the hip)
  • ONE QUESTION - Joe Huffman's response to gun banners
  • ONLY ONES - Law enforcement officers who feel that they are the "only ones" qualified to handle firearms.  It comes from a popular video of an officer uttering his famous last words.
  • PIG CANDY - The best bacon you've never had.  I suggest adding the cayenne.
  • PSH - Pants Shitting Hysterics or Pants Shitting Hysteria.  More info on the types of S involved in PSH can be found here.
  • REASONED DISCOURSE - The internet equivalent of taking your ball and going home.  Typically comments are either moderated or shut down completely to avoid having to think about anything that might force them to shift their world view.
  • SHOULDER THING THAT GOES UP - An infamous quote by Carolyn McCarthy that does an excellent job of illustrating how ignorant of guns most gun banners actually are.
  • TACTICAL - Anything black that makes the owner feel more like an "operator"
  • TACTICAL COFFEE - Better than a .25 in some situations
  • TACTICAL PANTS - Pants with pockets in the pockets in the pockets (and comfy too).  A complete guide here.
  • THREE GUN - Competition shooting involving a rifle, pistol, and shotgun
  • THREEPERS - Supposedly the 3% of gun owners that are either crazy brave or just crazy
  • UNPOSSIBLE - After improbable, there's impossible after that comes unpossible.  There's a whole laundry list of unpossible here. 
  • USPSA - The other practical shooting sports association
  • WOOKIE-SUITER - Science fiction reading, small "l" libertarians.  Complete definition here (with picture).
  • ZOOTSHOOTERS - Quite possibly the coolest shooting sport around
*Edited to add PSH and Wookie-suiter and now Unpossible


    1. You forgot "wookie suiter". ;)

    2. Yeah, I've used "wookie suiter" often enough either it has entered the vernacular or my parents lie about reading my blog...

    3. I think you're going to need a sub chapter covering the endless arguments, .45 vs 9mm, .30-06 vs .308, 1911 vs plastic(in which a new 1911 causes you to whip out the plastic), 1911 vs plastic (Glocks and what have you), Isosceles vs Weaver. Maybe even 7.62 vs 5.56

    4. How about various malfs-
      stovepiping, ftf(eed), failure to f(ire)...

    5. AR = [A]rmaLite [R]ifle

    6. If AR = Armalite Rifle then I do not understand the AR-24 at all. I believe the glossary author is correct.

    7. This is tactical coffee. That other thing is just some midget spazzing while fumbling for his midget-heater in a tense moment because it wasn't in a gamerfag holster.

    8. I changed blogging software and the links to my posts have changed.

      The link for Just One Question is now http://blog.joehuffman.org/2004/12/14/just-one-question/

      The link for THREEPERS is now http://blog.joehuffman.org/2009/09/09/jeepers-threepers/