Soapbox Time

The other day I mentioned that I thought the presentation by RMGO would have been more effective if they had actually quoted the pertinent sections of the law.  Then yesterday, SayUncle posted to a link talking about a new app for both the Droid and iPhone that gives an overview of CCW laws for each state.

I think things like this and the maps and trip planners on carryconcealed.net are great.  They give a good general overview of the laws and highlight the important stuff.  These tools should not, however, be a substitute for READING THE LAW.

If you read the overview on carryconcealed.net you will find that New Mexico has a "no guns in bars law".  Tennessee also has a "no guns in bars law" that they are trying to get rid of (which is not listed on the site).

If you assume that by following the Tennessee version of their "no guns in bars" laws while you are in New Mexico it will keep you legal, you might want to think again.  The problem is that two areas where common sense laws have been applied with impunity are guns and alcohol.  There is so much common sense in those two areas that the common man has no hope of figuring out what the law is without a good deal of research and likely a call or two to an attorney to get it all straight. 

Read the laws people.  They may be written in goofy legalese, but they are mostly readable.  Do some research and if you are still confused, call your lawyer.  Concealed carry laws are a tangled mess of best intentions and common sense.  It is very easy to end up on the wrong side of the law when you don't know which side to stay on to keep you legal. Read the laws and stay out of trouble.

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