A Politician Finally Figures It Out

Yesterday morning I was reading The New Mexican.  It serves as the somewhat local paper down here.  There was an article talking about a proposed New Mexico bill to increase penalties for people who can't figure out how not to drive drunk even after being repeatedly convicted for DWI.  The bill sounds reasonable, but was tabled and will likely die in committee.

They actually looked at the potential costs of the bill and decided that they did not have the money to fund the increased penalties.  State Senate Majority Leader Michael Sanchez (D!), has the money quote.
In the past, the attitude of the Legislature was "the funding doesn't matter if the policy is good.  That's what got us into this financial mess we're in now."
We need to get this guy to Washington D.C. for the President's big health care shindig and have him stand up, repeat the above and then sit back down.  Not that it would do any good mind you, but the looks on some of the D.C. politicians faces sure would make me feel better.

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  1. Education-teaching people to take responsibility for their actions is best, however I think if they get 3 DUI's, maybe it's time for a drastic change....