Pretending It's Either / Or

Without my kids and wife around to talk to / play with / holler at, I'm finding myself with a lot more time on my hands.  The first couple of weeks in the motel, I just relaxed and tried to deal with the stress of the somewhat lousy situation.

This week I'm starting to look around and wonder just exactly what I am going to do down here for the next 7 months and change.  I know I'll be fishing and hiking and generally exploring the countryside.  I also know that my beer making equipment will make the trip down shortly.

What I can't decide is if I need to start reloading or if I want to build an AR from the ground up.  I have long wanted to get into reloading, but I do wonder if starting it up down here in a house that is not my own is the best idea.  I mean, blowing up myself in the house that I own the bank owns is different than blowing myself up in the house I'm renting.  Building an AR sounds like a lot of fun and something that is right up my alley, but it looks to be a very addicting hobby.

The biggest problem I see is that if I put the barrel on the AR that I'm thinking about putting on top, I would likely need to start reloading anyway.  I guess the real question is do I start with the chicken or the egg...

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