How I Spent My Friday Night

After the boys went to bed, I got everything set out and ready for a little Friday night fun.  This is the result.

I like the Magpul parts as far as feel and durability go.  However, I was a little disappointed with the rough finish, particularly on the MAID grip.  The LPK and stock kit were from Stag Arms. There were no issues and both the buffer tube and the trigger look to be on the nicer end of the spectrum.

Now I've got a serious problem.  I need to decide exactly what I want to do with the upper.  I know I want it in 6.8 SPC (for a possible antelope gun and general bigger boom).  After that though I am undecided.  Maybe I should just ask the experts and call up Bison Armory.  Maybe I should hem and haw some more.  After all the journey is part of the fun.

1 comment:

  1. If you want it for antelope, you might consider the 6.5 Grendel. I was a NRA High Master in long range and across the course. I had the Grendel and was very impressed with its accuracy. At 300/600, my guess is that it would be far better than the 6.8.
    Good luck with what ever you pick.