Gun Shop Wisdom

After having shot other peoples' AR-15s in various configurations and deriving massive amounts of enjoyment from the Evil Black .22, I decided it was finally time to own an Evil Dark Earth Rifle.  I looked around and didn't see anything really close to what I was after, so I did what any country boy with a smidgen of mechanical aptitude would do.  I went out and bought a stripped lower.

The first gun shop I called had lowers in stock, but I couldn't get over there till the next day.  By then what they had was gone.  I drove across town to another gun shop who when I called to see if they had them replied that they did but, "they are marked pistol".  After being assured that they were indeed mil-spec receivers I headed on over to pick one up.

When I got there another gun shop employee asked what I was after.  When I told him he asked if I was building a rifle or a pistol.  I replied that I was building a rifle thinking he was just making small talk.  That was when he proceeded to tell me that all they had was pistol lowers.

Que my confused face.  After about five minutes of discussion, I finally got him to agree to sell me the "pistol only lower".  It came with a warning to be real careful if I was really going to build a rifle out of it.

LPK is on the way, and the furniture from Magpul is already here.  I guess I'll just have to be real careful...to not lose the pivot pin detent spring when I build my rifle lower.


  1. Be careful. If the lower was manufactured as a pistol, attaching a stock to it may land you in legal hot water. I am not a lawyer.

  2. There's no law I've ever seen about not being able to turn a pistol into a rifle. Turning a rifle into a pistol requires that you pay the man, but the other way around...not a big deal as far as I can tell.

    Additionally, the receiver should be manufactured and transferred as an "other", being as it is neither a pistol or a rifle and has never been either.