Top Shot Quarterbacking

So I've read quite a few opinions on the Top Shot premier episode.  A couple of comments on the comments...

  • It's entertainment.  It isn't educational, it isn't fair, it isn't really even competition in the traditional sense.  It's a spectacle that is supposed to be fun to watch.  If it isn't your cup of tea, fine go find some gladiators in loincloths or turn on Michael Bane, whatever floats your boat.  I thought the slow-mo and splody was plenty of fun.
  • Shots with open sighted rifles that aren't your own at 50 and 100 yards can definitely be challenging.
  • In the team challenge Mike missed his first and second shots and got flustered.  Don't believe me?  Watch it again and look at his face.  With the number of shots he fired he should have gotten lucky and hit, if he was relaxed and shooting.  Instead he was reloading and jerking the trigger.  Not terribly conductive to hitting the target.
  • From what was shown, Mr. Mike had little help from his spotter.  That being said, I've used the exact type of rifle Mike was shooting, which is not mine, to ring gongs at 200 yards.  I didn't have a spotter and it took me 5 shots to figure out where I was hitting, make the needed adjustments mentally, and ring the gong regularly
  • I wasn't on national TV when I was shooting.
  • I probably shoot open sighted rifle as or more often than Mike.
  • I'm glad I'm not the only one who wondered about some of the shots on the elimination targets.  Andre and Denny were the only one who dead centered the target.  Mike was only just on paper.
  • Kid can shoot...under pressure.
  • My wife wants to be on season 2 of Top Shot.

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