Beat To Hell

I just got my shipment of HPR ammo from Scottsdale Ammo.  Frankly, I'm not impressed.  There is "once fired" brass that I would not have reloaded if it were me.  The bullets are beat to hell.  I thought I was being picky so I pulled out every brand of range ammo I own.

I could pour out 500 rounds on the table, drop one round of HPR in the middle, have someone else mix it all up, and pick out the HPR round within 15 seconds.  Even with the initial release discount, I didn't pay any less for these rounds than anything else I have in my ammo closet.  Unless the quality improves, I don't think I'll be buying HPR again, made in the USA or not.

HPR ammo, excellent marketing, poor execution.


  1. LonghornCharles66June 10, 2010 at 7:43 PM

    Though I haven't personally seen what you have, looks like they are TMJ's (Total Metal Jacket) -- and will look a bit different than FMJ's (Full Metal Jacket). Though the copper is thinner and looks more beat up by nature, they still perform great & accurate. TMJ's are becoming very popular with indoor ranges because the bottom of the projectile is completely encased with copper unlike the FMJ which has a lead bottom, thus reducing exposure to lead.

    People in the Silencer community are preferring TMJ's as well as the lead slowly destroys the silencer and those ain't cheap.

    Let us know how they shoot, I may pick up a box.

  2. They are indeed TMJ's. It isn't the bullets as much as the brass. Maybe I'm too picky about my brass...

  3. You may want to try some of Bishop Ammunition Manufacturing's re-manufactured ammo. They are also made in the USA, in California. Looks like they are using CCI primers, so it should fire in new or older weapons. They are in four stores according to their web site, though I bought a box of their 45 ACP at TDS Guns in Rocklin. Every shot fired, no issues. Nice WWII-style box too.


    www.bishopammunition.com is the web address.