Life In The West

I was in Montana for work the last couple of days.  A couple of notes below.

All over the town I was in were fliers for a raffle.  The raffle was to support the local American Legion baseball team, the Laurel Dodgers.  The raffle is, 30 Guns in 30 Days.  Unfortunately, not being a resident of Montana or one of its contiguous states, I was not eligible to win.

Nine Fingers Mustard is excellent.  It also reminds me of the excellent book series The First Law by Joe Abercrombie.

My rental car was a new Nissan Maxima.  It comes with a keyless remote.  I threw it in my pocket and never touched it again.  With the key in your pocket, you can start the car, lock and unlock the doors from the outside, and open the trunk all with the push of a button.  Pretty cool.

The current trend of training via videos or computer based slide shows with an accompanying quiz sucks in my opinion.  There is little retention and virtually zero opportunity to ask questions.  On the other hand, I haven't gotten myself killed yet.

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