Tactical Tim

I'm a USCCA member and subscribed to the Concealed Carry Report.  I still haven't decided if I will re-up when my initial year is over.  On the one hand, they have some excellent writers in their magazine.  On the other hand, there's Tactical Tim.

I generally don't pay much attention to Tactical Tim, or anyone proclaiming themselves to be "Tactical".  Recently though, in the Concealed Carry Report there was a link to TT's "No B.S." review of the Springfield XD-45 compact.

I own and enjoy a full size XD-45 and was curious to see what TT thought of the compact.  After watching the video and reading the writeup, I have come to one conclusion.  Tactical Tim's "No B.S." reviews contain more B.S. than an arena right after a Professional Bull Rider three day show.

Just a few of Tactical Tim's misses.
  • While it may feel similar to a Glock trigger, the XD is actually a single action trigger.  It is not as TT states numerous times a DAO handgun.
  • Being a SA gun, the grip safety is less redundant than TT suggests in his review
  • He hoped that the XD would fix all the issues a Glock has.  The XD has a great grip angle, issue solved.
Between the gun B.S. and the renew now B.S. I just don't know if it is time or money well spent.


  1. I have to agree. There are alot of sights online that give as good if not better info without an email a day.

  2. Gun reviews or movie reviews are all opinions of the reviewer. I own an XD-40 sub-compact as does one son. My other son and son-in-law have the full size XDM-40 and XD-40 respectively. We are all pleased with our choices and like having the grip safety in addition to the trigger safety. Tim can give his opinions but each of us have our own preferences. Some people swear by Glocks but in my hand they're like holding a block of wood. Reviews only give a starting point and represent the reviewer's personal preferences and maybe some bias as well.

  3. I can empathize with you about people making errors in comments about guns technical,political or really just plain ignorant.
    Background:I have been shooting for over fifty years training learning and just enjoying fire arms. My father as a small boy was a part time gunsmith and repaired the local beat cops guns. I know a lot about guns and the more I know the more I know I don't know. I trained under a Swat instructor. After formal classes the class used to have little contests with $1-3 dollar bets to make the pot that is $77-$231 per class. I walked away with the pot 50% of the time the instructor got the rest.

    I can cut Tim a break just like I do everybody I talk to about guns. Tim's trying to build a business with some real principle behind it that alone is an elegant thing in this day and he loves his country. That doesn't mean he shouldn't be criticized or corrected if he is wrong, but let's not let envy or jealousy be our filters for criticism. Let's help each other when we can. I know I sound like a Dad but that's because I have a lot of experience in that area.