I Don't Think He Knows What That Means

Saw an interesting article in the Denver Post yesterday.  Apparently the DA was concerned that a Denver police officer used "unauthorized ammunition" in his Smith & Wesson poodle shooter.

Personally I was more concerned that two officers opened fire on bad guy with gun and managed to not only completely miss said bad guy, but also hit innocent bystanders.  If you want to hit what you are aiming at practice, practice, practice.  It sounds to me like these two LEOs should hit the range a bit more often.


A bit more info can be found at the Denver DA's website.   Included in the report is a picture of the M&P 15 used to miss the suspect.  One thing that jumps out at me is that he is using iron sights...at 2 A.M.  Maybe the use of a red dot isn't authorized by the department either.

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