How To Lose Customers Before You Open

I had been rather excited about the "new" shooting range opening literally a couple of blocks away from my house.  I had used the location rather frequently when the place was under previous ownership.  The place is now called BluCore Shooting Center and is run by some guys that had previously been offering training courses and decided to run a range instead of borrowing someone else's.

As details about their membership pricing and new lane configurations started showing up on their website, I was pretty excited about the possibilities.  Then they posted their ammo policy.  It requires purchase of range ammo for the most common rifle and pistol calibers.  I quickly became significantly less excited, as did many others.  When the owners started to spin this as anything other than a way to stay profitable, I became even further ambivalent about exchanging cash for goods and services.

I'll probably still use the place from time to time, but for now I'll still be looking around for a better local spot to shoot at.

1 comment:

  1. I am disgusted by their rule that there will be no instruction allowed by anyone other than them. Didn't they get their start instructing on other ranges?
    Also, while you can shoot your own ammo on the rifle range, you are limited to one magazine in defensive (AR) Rifles. Otherwise you have to shoot AR's on the pistol range and shoot their ammo.

    What a bunch of maroons!