A Common Theme?

I got done reading Linoge's excellent post on logical fallacies presented as arguments for gun control.  It sounded strangely familiar to another argument I had heard repeated over and over, but had seen little evidence for.  You see scientists and the World agree that global warming is caused by dirty evil humans.

Since everyone knows that global warming is real and kills, we have to do something.  Invariably "do something" means passing laws that make the honest person's life more difficult while rewarding the rich and the criminal.

Maybe that's why so many of the gunnies I know remain unconvinced on the subject of global warming.  We've seen this scheme before, and we weren't fooled the first time.

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  1. Thanks for the linkage! Both debates basically boil down to "facts versus damned-near-religion", and it is not surprising that people who respect the facts in one situation do so in the other.