Dominance Check

Turkey hunting this year ended without a turkey in the bag.  With the move back from New Mexico hunting time and energy were greatly reduced.  That does not mean that turkey hunting was unsuccessful.  I found a matched pair of mule deer sheds.  I also found a new sharpshooter.

After watching my son shoot the M&P 15/22 with iron sights, I decided that an upgrade to a red dot was in order.  He seemed to have difficulty maintaining alignment so I threw on a bipod as well to reduce muscle fatigue.

I mounted the red dot fairly close to the charging handle and had my son check to make sure he could see the dot easily.  At this point he mounted the gun right handed, just like his dad, and proceeded to close his right eye and lean way over the stock in order to use his left eye.  After a brief discussion and some simple tests, we discovered that he is left eye dominant.  He also happens to be ambidextrous (left handed if you ask his grandma).

We switched to a left handed grip and the impressive results are below.

Loading right handed

Shooting left handed

...but the Vanna White pose takes both hands.  In his words, he "destroyed it."

I guess now I need to start shopping for left handed rifles.

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  1. how dare you let your kid have fun with a rifle, even though you did everything right(eyes&ears). :snark:
    Glad he had fun, and was safe, hope he gets the shooting bug.