Extractors, Ejectors, & Kel Tec

My Kel Tec P-11 repair was a bit more complicated than I anticipated.  I initially called and explained that I needed an ejector.  I was assured that one would go in the mail that day.  Soon after, I got a package in the mail.  Excited to get my P-11 back in working order I ripped open the package, only to find a P-11 extractor.

Disappointed, I called Kel Tec again and made sure to enunciate and say the word ejector multiple times.  I'm sure the guy on the other end of the line thought I was crazy.  Four days later I finally got my ejector.

Ejector on the left, extractor on the right

Replacing the ejector was a snap.  Remove the slide, drift out the ejector retaining pin, catch it before it flies across the room, replace the ejector and put the pin back in.  As easy as that, I again have a fully functioning Kel Tec.


Man Gunned Down After Argument In Street

If all you ever read is the headlines, you might be temped to believe that the above headline would lead to a story about blood in the streets from one of those evil CCW people.

If you read the article in the Denver Post all the way through, two things become clear.
  1. Nothing good happens on the streets at 4AM on a Sunday.
  2. Car thieves, as a general rule, are not "good people".
 For some reason, the Post waits to reveal fact #2 until the last paragraph.  Don't worry though, it's not gang related.


Why The Number of Guns I Own = Many

I recently bought a new gun for concealed carry.  I took it an my every day carry gun, a Kel-Tec P-11, over to Blucore Shooting Center for some new gun wringing out and recoil therapy.

I shot both the new gun and the P-11, going through drills as well as just doing the usual get to know your new gun routine.

About 7 magazines through the P-11 I started to get FTE's.  I tried to keep going, but it was clear that the P-11 was done for the day.  At that point I moved back over to the Taurus TCP 738.  It performed well, giving me a fair grouping at 5 yards that I am confident I can improve on with a slightly different grip.

Back at the house I started with cleaning the Taurus 738.  The slide bound up (recoil spring) and required persuasion from a rubber mallet.  Not terribly confidence inspiring.

Next was the P-11, after cleaning it and verifying the extractor was working fine I finally spotted the problem.

The ejector done broked in half.  I called Kel-Tec the next day and they are sending a new ejector gratis.  That means my EDC gun is out of commission.  With the problems with the slide on the Taurus and the fact that it's only got about 50 rounds through it, I'm very glad I've got other options.

For the last couple days I've been comfortably carrying the 1911.  Having many options is nice when want suddenly finds a way to turn into need.