Hurray For Reporters

If you have the nerve to protect yourself and your property, prepare to have your name, address, age, marital status, and profession printed up in the local paper.

Also plan on having your nosy neighbor wondering why you didn't shoot the kid in the leg.

Wonder No More

Have you ever wondered what would happen if you sent a big city news paper reporter out west to report on a group's effort to stop scaring the bejesus out of kids with Al Gore's global warming propaganda?  Well wonder no more.

Apparently everyone in favor of teaching the "other side" (her quotes, not mine) of global warming is a Tea Party conservative Republican (redneck hillbilly simpleton).  This continued anthropogenic global warming back and forth is really getting old.  The real truth on global warming is that WE DON'T KNOW.


Dominance Check

Turkey hunting this year ended without a turkey in the bag.  With the move back from New Mexico hunting time and energy were greatly reduced.  That does not mean that turkey hunting was unsuccessful.  I found a matched pair of mule deer sheds.  I also found a new sharpshooter.

After watching my son shoot the M&P 15/22 with iron sights, I decided that an upgrade to a red dot was in order.  He seemed to have difficulty maintaining alignment so I threw on a bipod as well to reduce muscle fatigue.

I mounted the red dot fairly close to the charging handle and had my son check to make sure he could see the dot easily.  At this point he mounted the gun right handed, just like his dad, and proceeded to close his right eye and lean way over the stock in order to use his left eye.  After a brief discussion and some simple tests, we discovered that he is left eye dominant.  He also happens to be ambidextrous (left handed if you ask his grandma).

We switched to a left handed grip and the impressive results are below.

Loading right handed

Shooting left handed

...but the Vanna White pose takes both hands.  In his words, he "destroyed it."

I guess now I need to start shopping for left handed rifles.


Never Thought I'd See The Day

On my drive back to Denver, I was listening to the radio and I hear a radio ad for Green Mountain Guns, one of my favorite local gun shops.  I never thought I would hear them advertise on the radio, but there it was.  Then yesterday I was flipping through the channels on the teevee and there was an ad for Colorado Clays.

Local ads for gun stuff.  It's a good time to be a gun nut.


Where I've Been

Before today I hadn't posted in 8 days or so.  The reason is that right around that time I was informed that the project in New Mexico I was working on was almost out of money and no more was forthcoming.

I was also informed that I was among the 10 guys that were being sent home immediately.  The remaining 10 will be working to finish as much as they can until June or so.  The good news was, I was being sent home because they have enough work for me in Denver.

As you can imagine, I've been busy breaking a lease, returning a rental car and paying short term rates instead of long term ones, packing stuff that I thought I had 5 more months to pack, and generally getting ready to leave the Land of Enchantment for Colorful Colorado.

It's good to be back home.

CSU Students' Rights Will Not Be Trampled

The Colorado State University Board of Governors have apparently been knocked upside the head enough and have rescinded their campus-wide gun ban

All I've got to say is...